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The heart of the method is a study of five etudes or, series of physical positions, which string together to tell a story. The etudes require intense concentration and awareness as the actor moves through a series of stil pictures with synchronization of body parts, negotiating a veriety of time signatures and rhythms within the body.


Goals and benefits for students who work in Biomechanics include increased physical awareness, practical understanding of theatricality in the moving body, use of body for storytelling, learning about psychophysical energy through application of rhythm, coordination of body, precision of movement and expansion of physical expressiveness.


Mr. Rovinsky offers one day, half day and multiday workshops as well as ongoing classes. He will travel to your school, theatre or community space. Please, contact Vladimir for more information.




                        "Vladimir is a natural, generous theacher and he knows what he 

                          is talking about. He made Biomechanics fun and powerful."


                                                                      BARBRA BERLOVITZ -
                                                                      CO-FOUNDER & CO-ARTISTIC DIRECTOR

                                                                      OF THEATRE DE LA JEUNE LUNE           







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