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"Vladimir Rovinsky's depth of understanding, facility and passion for this method make him an extraordinary resource for performers, actors or dancers, interested in this porwerful approach to theatrical creation."



                          CARL FLINK -

                        FOUNDER & ARTICTIC DIRECTOR

                        BLACK LABEL MOVEMENT

Mr. Rovinsky trained in Biomechanics with Alexei Levinsky in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mr. Levinsky is one of only a handful of teachers in the world who currently practice or teach the method in its entirety. Mr. Levinsky was trained by master teacher Nicholai Kustov. Mr. Kustov worked directly with Meyerhold in his school and is therefore part of a direct line to Meyerhold's teaching style and method.







Vladimir Rovinsky received an MFA in directing from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts, Russia. Before comming to America he was working as a professional theatre director in Russia. Rovinsky came to America first in 1997 for work with Yale Repertory Theatre/School of Drama and permanently in 2000. He has been teaching acting since 1996 and have worked as a director, actor and teacher at several Universities and theatres in America. Rovinsky is co-artistic director of Theatre Novi Most based in Minneapolis MN. In addition to his work with Novi Most, Vladimir is also an Associate Professor of Theatre at Saint Cloud State University MN.

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