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In addition to Biomechanics Vladimir Rovinsky offers the following workshopS:


Physical Stanislavsky will introduce participants to the “method of physical actions” one of Stanislavsky’s later experiments that never fully traveled to the U.S. but is a central facet of the training in Russia.  It was his belief that actors must build a role from a physical chain of actions or events. Vladimir Rovinsky will teach a hands on workshop for actors about this method using characters from Chekhov's play The Seagull. Familiarity with the play is useful. Workshop is most useful to actors with some experience working in realism but open to all.

Stage combat is not only a useful practical skill for actor to have, but also it is a great tool for improving ones physical awareness, flexibility, stamina and coordination. Vladimir's approach to stage combat is based on idea that stage fighting isn't simply a combination of technical tricks, but rather a continuation of dialogue, when words are not enough anymore.

Workshops can include hand to hand combat, knife fighting and sabre/rapee fencing. Open to all.


This workshop is challenging physical and vocal training based on the  ideas of Antonin Artaud and the practical methods of such masters as Jerzy Grotowsky, Uri Vasiliev and Willem Keuvenhoven.

This rigorous physical and vocal training will greatly expand students' physical expressivity, help them master non-verbal communication and kinestetic response, break naturalistic vocal patterns, and increase awareness of space as an energetic and compositional tool for affecting audiences and fellow actors.

Open to all.

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